Residential EPC Yorkshire

Residential Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) Yorkshire

An EPC provides a record of the energy efficiency of a property.  An EPC is required when a property is either built, sold, rented or marketed.  Buildings are assessed on a scale of A to G (A being the most efficient; and G being the least) recommendations are also given on the EPC.  Recommendations may consist of the following:




  • Install External Wall Insulation
  • Replace Boiler
  • Insert Loft Insulation
  • Install Double Glazing

An EPC will contain details of the energy usage and costs associated with a property.  Properties with better ratings can attract potential buyers/ tenants as they are cheaper to run.  An EPC is valid for 10 Years.  Failure to have an up to date EPC could result in fines.  EPC’S can be sent directly to you or you can download it direct from the central register.  Furthermore we can send the EPC to your solicitor or letting agent upon request.