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Whether you are leasing or selling a property in London, you will be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate. Commercial EPC contains a reference number, the property’s address and an energy rating from A to G for most efficient and least efficient respectively.

Additionally, it contains the property’s technical data and standards of measured energy efficiency. We are flexible and operate in many towns across the UK. In London, our services are accessible you just need to contact us. Here are the major benefits you will enjoy working with us.

We Offer a Complete Energy Survey Process

Our services are straightforward. We follow a simplified process that involves three major steps to offer a thorough and high-standard assessment.

First, our assessors will assess your property’s energy efficiency features. In this process, you will have a chance to check on the assessment. In fact, we have a friendly team that involves you in an interactive manner.

Next step our experts will get important data concerning energy-consuming properties in the apartment as well as the controls you have in place.

The two steps help in accomplishing our third and final step: issuing you with a commercial EPC.

Energy Savings

Working with us is a double benefit to you. First, you get the certificate. Our certificate helps you to control energy consumption. As a result, reduced energy use leads to lower energy costs.

We have recommendations that you are asked to follow in order to achieve the intended goal of energy saving. Our professionals also have the ability to make more relevant and effective recommendations on energy consumption.

These efforts are targeted to help you bring down the costs of energy to your property. Whether you have knowledge of energy consumption or you have no clue, we offer our recommendations without any conditions.

Furthermore, we teach you about renewable energy sources that you can implement in your apartment.


We offer our services at affordable prices. For all the local assessments and certifications, we charge a fixed amount of £40. The task doesn’t take long and we offer the report after the onsite work the next day.

In fact, our commercial EPC team in London can conduct the assessment within 24 hours after the surveyor visits your premises. The physical assessment takes less than 45 minutes.

Accredited Energy Assessors in London

Working with us ensures you get an acceptable and legal certificate. All our assessing team members have accreditations from Elmhurst, NES or Stroma. Thus, we operate with accredited professionals and our certification is acceptable.

Our assessor is also highly qualified and has the ability to ensure the energy performance is a true and accurate reflection of your property and levels of consumption of energy.

Contact Our Expert Team Now for Your Commercial EPC Needs in London!

We have a highly responsive team that’s always willing to help you. Our highly qualified assessors allow any kind of queries concerning commercial EPC in London and energy consumption-related information and topics.

We do respond to both emails and call lines that we provide on the website for your specific location. You stand to benefit from our services.

We are flexible to work at an agreeable time with you. Contact us today and we will get to serve you immediately.

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