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Energy Performance Certificate for Your Commercial Property

Here at EPC Yorkshire, we offer both residential and commercial EPC services in Leeds. If you currently own a property in Leeds, and are looking to either sell or rent it, you will require what is known as an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). You will also require an EPC if you are looking to build a new property. An EPC contains information about the commercial or residential property’s energy use and average energy costs, as well as advice about how these can be reduced in order to help reduce costs. An Energy Performance Certificate is valid for 10 years, and your Leeds property will be given an efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

commercial epcAs of 1 October 2008, any person buying or letting a property in the UK must present an energy performance certificate. The efforts to improve energy conservation have increased over the past several years, and the property market is one of the sectors playing its part. An EPC certificate indicates the energy usage and costs of a particular building. EPC Yorkshire grants EPC certificates for both commercial and residential properties. We have energy assessors and inspectors who will conduct the necessary evaluations before giving the certificate. When you need commercial EPC services for Leeds, EPC Yorkshire is one of the go-to providers.

Get Your Energy Rating

The energy performance certificate contains the rating of a building. An efficiency rating scale is from A, which is the most efficient to G, the least efficient. As a property owner, an energy rating will give you an idea of how your building measures up against industry standards. If it is below average, you can implement measures to raise its energy efficiency. Property owners can compare their EPCs with those of other similar buildings to see how they measure up. You can opt to have the energy rating of your commercial building in the EPC register or not.

Why Us

Our assessors and inspectors are accredited to ensure that your EPC meets the set legal regulations. Besides the energy rating, our inspectors will give tips on ways of improving energy efficiency. EPC certificates are valid for ten years. Whether you are renting out office space, buying a second home or building an apartment block from scratch, our EPC services will come in handy in Leeds. Our inspectors are professional and fast. You can contact us and get your certificate in a day. Some properties are exempt from EPCs and if you are unsure if you require one, contact us for professional advice. EPC Yorkshire offers affordable and reliable services for commercial EPC Leeds.

If you are interested in either a commercial or residential Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your Leeds property, please feel free to contact EPC Yorkshire.

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